Why Us?

The beauty market is flooded with products in every size, shape, dollar amount and promised results. We’re different in that our products are designed so that you know just what is in them. Never hidden ingredients and no fragrances – only high quality essential oils derived from sustainable resources.

We pride ourselves on devoting hours to research and discovery to ensure we stand behind what we’re producing. We want you to love this part of your daily routine as we do! Passionate about health but also wanting luxurious experiences and all the smell goods, we work diligently to incorporate each aspect into every bath product.

Founded on the basis of treating eczema, we’re dedicated to working hard to provide quality bars of soap, sugar scrubs and bath truffles.

Bar Soaps

Crafted from scratch and with as many natural, sustainable materials as possible, our bar soaps grant the best lather and suds.

Sugar Scrub Cubes

Can’t get the jar open in the shower? Hate getting scrub under your nails? We offer the perfect solution with our individual cubes designed to alleviate those headaches.

Bath Truffles

Generously portioned with cocoa butter and coconut oil, our truffles will not only allow for the most relaxing soak, but leave your skin smooth, silky and completely nourished.

Ready to try us out?

Peruse our inventory and we believe you’ll find something you just have to try.