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Our Story

Barn Door Bath Shop was created from the throws of early motherhood as I struggled to find a product, or really anything, that would keep my baby girl’s skin from drying up even more.  She suffered from eczema and it seemed that ever name brand product made it worse, so I started paying attention to what ingredients were in the soaps and lotions I was using.  Surprisingly to me, I discovered a whole lot of things I couldn’t pronounce and when I did the good ol’ Google search I was slightly terrified at the ingredients.

These realizations led me to connect with my aunt who had made cold process soaps for years and focused on a desire for natural products.  Over the years I’ve tweaked and adjusted her recipes and process to fit my own needs as well as experimented with products and manufacturers.  I’ve come to love some of my vendor partners as they repeatedly provide products that are above and beyond as well as provide some of the best customer service. I work to obtain organic ingredients where possible, and I’m always looking to find partners that utilize sustainable resources. 

All this culminates into a product offering I’m proud of and I hope you’ll not only feel great using them but also assured that there’s no harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients.


I’m Malia, founder and hand-craftor behind all of Barn Door Bath Shop’s products. I’m a wife, mom, daughter, friend, sister and all the extra hats that go with each of those! My family and I live in the last frontier of Alaska so a love of the outdoors is a must. We enjoy exploring all this amazing state has to offer from hiking, fishing, skiing, photography and lots of wildlife. I’m passionate about creating products that make you feel good and help you to carve out a little bit of you time. Even if it’s that quick 5 minute shower between your work-out and fixing lunches for the kiddos before you head off to work, my hope is that you’ll savor those few minutes, take a deep breath and recharge.

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